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Good Traditional Pakistani Food

 Best Indian Restaurant in Middlesex

Do you love Pakistani cuisine? If you do, you could even eat your favourite Pakistani food in London. Gifto’s Lahore Karahi is the best Indian restaurant in Middlesex that serves good traditional Pakistani food. Yes, the greatness of the Pakistani cuisine has even reached this city of fog. Because of the increasing love for this type of cuisine, Gifto is working its hardest to serve the locals and tourists with great Indian food. To make you drool even more, here are some interesting facts about your favourite food:

  Spicy and full of flavor

Perhaps you are wondering why Pakistani foods are mostly spicy and rich in flavor. It is said that this type of cuisine was influenced by three spice-loving regions in Asia namely the Middle East Asia, Central Asia and South Asia. Now that you already know this, you should always prepare a cup of water with you to save your taste buds from a delicious burning.

The hotness is not on the same level

Not all Pakistani foods are really that spicy. In Western Pakistan, such as the North-West Frontier Province and Baluchistan, they love prepping their food using mild yet aromatic spices with relatively less oil. However, in the eastern region, provinces such as Sindh and Punjab like their food very spicy. So if you are of the more adventurous kind, eastern Pakistani recipes are definitely the best ones for you.

Dishes mostly include chicken and beef

Since the Pakistanis observe the Islamic religious culture, pork is not in their menu. But for a great taste of meat, you could always have your favourite roasted chicken or beef curry. Roasted foods are commonly called as tandoori dishes. Aside from tandoori chicken, there are also batera (quail), jumbo prawn tikka and fish tikka. The best news is, you could eat these tandoori dishes at Gifto’s!

Seafood is not really that popular

As said earlier, Pakistani dishes mostly include chicken and beef–meaning meat. Pakistanis are not only spice lovers, they are also meat lovers which is why their dishes use meat as one of the main ingredients. This might be greatly influenced by their location–as not being surrounded by too many bodies of water.

Yoghurt is used a lot

Western culture might view Yoghurt as that tasty milky drink. However, Yoghurt plays a very important role in the making of your favourite Pakistani cuisine. Be it curries or tikkas, Yoghurt adds a rich and creamy flavour to these types of dishes. It provides a tangy and milky taste to your most loved dish that would absolutely be a click to your picky palate.

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Tea and milk as healthful drinks

Pakistanis love to have a healthful sip of tea or milk after they eat a hearty meal. They really got a knack for healthy and creamy drinks. But if you’d be eating at Gifto’s you could still select a drink of your choice since they serve a variety of drinks such as mango shakes, mineral water, sparkling water, canned drinks, juices and hot tea.

If you want to know more about this Indian-originated cuisine, you’d better taste them at the best Indian restaurant in London– Gifto’s!

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Pakistani Food in Middlesex
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